Facebook Live: A Game Changer for Your Business

Sometimes videos play better role in expressing one’s thought and conveying the message, when the words fall short. Facebook Live is the app that has gifted the world with the Live Video Streaming Feature which is live to your fans and followers all across the planet.

Social Media Marketing is creating hype in the world. It acts as a mile stone for the people who want to get into the marketing field and its digital platform is another advantage which creates new opportunities for the business people and the scope is increasing day by day.
Now, internet provides you with a number of social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook etc. These Social Networking Platforms not only help the world in getting in touch with each other and becoming social but also work like wonders in the field of marketing. If you are struggling in rising up with the running technology, then you need to be more tech-friendly.
We would advise you to try Facebook Live for up marketing and business purposes. Incorporating a few changes in your marketing habits will result into considerable growth into your business.

What is Facebook Live?
Like Twitter’s Periscope app, Facebook Live also lets in you peep outside to see what’s happening around you which is live to your followers all around the world. It almost works like twitter but this app is better than any other app regarding with the business and marketing purposes.
It not only lets you connect to the masses and promote your services but also the consumers or followers can comment on how you are delivering your services while they watch or they can ask questions to you which you can reply to or ignore.

An App for Business
While choosing an app for business purposes one must keep in mind that it’s all about ROI. Always focus on the platform or the app with the highest ROI. And Facebook Live is that app you should go for.
It is good for business purposes as it also provides Live Video Broadcasting which lets you stream live videos from your cell phone. And hence your videos and posts on your page get vast organic reach.


Know it’s Working
No one is born social media expert but with time and little practice one can learn to develop his business skills and stand out from the masses.
Live broadcast on Facebook Live can be started by tapping on the Live Silhouette icon on the status update. And you see people joining and viewing your broadcast as soon as you start using the app.
Now, choose your audience, for business purposes choose public category so that you can reach maximum number of viewers.
Now put an interesting title for your video post because it’s the title only, which people notice at one glance and decide whether they want to see or not.
As you broadcast, click on the timestamp of the post from your profile and drop that URL onto your business page. This way, you share your marketing video and show your services to the world through your video. Keep the video professional and informative about the services you provide and see your business growing.

Paths to Marketing Business
Who says you need to spend millions in starting a business? There are a number of effective ways that help you marketing business online that too at a shoestring budget. Some are mentioned below:

  • Review sites like Yahoo Local, Microsoft’s Bing and Google My Business page help in driving traffic and sales influentially.
  • Social Media, as we discussed, work wonders for your business and help increasing our consumers and company popularity at the same time.
  • Blogging contributes a lot when it comes to marketing and business. This is also an cost effective way for online marketing purpose.

These platforms provide the reach and visibility even to the financially weaker business people. Now promoting your business is an easy task and also reliable and fast with the growing world.

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