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‘Reputation’ is a thing that matters a lot for everyone. When it comes to ‘online reputation’, it matters even more.

With millions of the Internet users, there are high probabale chances that anyone might tarnish your image online through negative comments, images and videos. People may attempt to present you in bad light which may adversly affect your online reputation. Negative online reputation can prove to be a huge and unfortunate pitfall for your online business.

This concern has lead to the management of online reputation. The significance of managing the online reputation has been seriously felt for the past few years.

What Online Reputation Management is all about?


It is the process of controlling the bad publicity that have already shown up on the search listing of the search engines. In the process of managing the online reputation, We at Ethical SEO Solutions, promote positive content to the top of your search results and push down the unwanted content i.e. (negative, irrelevant or comeptitive comments). In this attempt, the positive and relevant content about you gets popular among the whole web market.

A bad reputation can sink your business!

Bad reputation can directly impact sales in various ways. New customers may also fear to be associated with a company that has tainted reputation. Even the existing customers may also part their ways and find other service providers. A bad or negative reputation can cause an irreparable harm to the business.


A full-fleged and strong reputation management strategy is what you need at this moment.

Online Reputation Management with Ethical SEO Solutions!

Ethical SEO Solutions take strategic steps in an attempt to nullify the negative imapct of the bad reputation spread across the whole online medium.

1. Search the client’s name on Google


This is the first and foremost thing which is done by the team of professionals at Ethical SEO Solutions.

  • Search for the client’s name
  • With exactly the same name as people search for the client online

2. Analysis of the Google ranking category you fall in

Four different categories are usually analysed in which you can fall as per your search results. The team works in cordination to find out which category you fall in.

  • Negative: This is for sure the worst category in which you can be. The category involves more of negative search results representing you.
  • Irrelevant: The search results are certainly yours, but are of no good or harm to you. This category majroly includes outdated search results.
  • ‘That’s Not Me’: This category has umpteen number of people with the same name as of yours, but it is certainly not you. The category prevents the customers to find something relevant about you as the search results are dominated by other people.
  • Positive and Relevant: This category is the best one for online reputation. The category shows all the positive results about you.

3. Figure out the quantity of work to be done and plan accordingly


If you have something bad about you on the web, we create a good content and spread it across all the online mediums, increasing your good reputation online.

If you have profile on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and Zerply etc. but in stagnant mode, then our team make your accounts active by supporting it with regular updates. The team also work to push your already available information higher on the search results.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who have vast experience in online reputation management. We take full-fleged responsibility to make your profile rank high on the search results and push your negative results down.

Certain employees only focus on creating as many positive links online. The higher the number of positive links, more easily your negative results are buried. After creating umpteen numbers of positive links, the professionals take it forward by making all of them popular and widespread among different social media palatforms.

Anyone who wants to get the online reputation management done, has certainly got a solution to all the problems. Our Ethical SEO Solutions is a one-stop-shop that offers every service you need that is anyhow related to online marketing.

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