Ways to Optimize Client’s Website to Get Better Sales Conversion

Ways to Optimize Client’s Website to Get Better Sales Conversion

The online market has flourished to a great extent in the recent past. This has profusely leaded to the increase in numbers of online businesses. In order to expand the business, the sales of the products are the most significant factor that determines the growth of the business.

Usually, umpteen numbers of people visit your website but only few of them complete the desired action which certainly reduces the percentage of sales and growth respectively. To augment the usual visits of the people into a paying customer is what is needed to be done. This particular phenomenon is known as sales conversion.

Particularly speaking about this method of increasing the percentage of sales conversion of your website, there are two key points that comes first into consideration.

1.Increment in web page traffic
2. Augment in sales

Elaborating on each point individually,

1. Increment in web page traffic :

When you seek increased page traffic as an end result, first of all you need to audit your website.
Now, what actually it is and how it can be a role player in the whole process of increasing the sales is the thing to understand.

It is a procedure in which you pay someone money to examine your website deeply using all the auditing tools. In simple terms, you get to know what is good and what is not so good about your website. There are different types of website audits depending upon different factors.

Second step in the procedure includes “Site Health Audits”. It is a kind of general audit which brings in front of you the potential or existing issues, opportunities and challenges. Though, every auditor may have different ways to audit a website but some of the most common factors to look after are:

  • Onsite: an auditor looks after everything visible on a website such as content and design and other things as Meta tags, schema tags, URL construction and loading speed of the page.
  • Technical: examining hosting, server metrics, down time and caching also play a crucial role in performing site health audit.
  • Links:
    • Internal: auditors also check internal link structures, anchor text, and even site architecture
    • External: the links to your site, value, acquisition patterns and anchor text are also examined by the auditors
  • Social Media: while analyzing your website, the auditors also looks after your social media profiles, how optimization is done and the links on a whole
  • Miscellaneous: after covering almost all important factors, the auditors also look after various other things such as citations, etc.

2. Augment in sales:

It is sure, that after completion of Step 1, your website can attain huge traffic, but there are probable chances that you might not get enough conversions from visitors to paying customers. For such a situation, you need an improvement in some of the practical points in order to augment the sales at large.

Conversion Optimization:

In this particular procedure, some conversions on different pages of the website are done that can encourage the conversion rate of the website. There can be almost anything that is converted as in, the button to book an order can be placed somewhere else, may be the color of the button is changed or any other thing. Basically, the aim is to give a visitor an experience through which the desired action can easily be accomplished. Conversions in small percentages can result in drastic changes in the percentage of sales. Moreover, conversion optimization is best for almost every site.

Analysis of conversion optimization:

For completing the procedure of conversion optimization, proper analysis is needed to be done. This will certainly help you in identifying the exact problem and also look out for the drop outs or withdrawal moments of a website.


You need to emphasis more on conversions and see that the conversions are improved. Through testing you can easily determine that whether the particular conversion actually works for your website or not.

Apart from all these methods, you can also implement conversion oriented campaigns for your website that can fetch you good results at the end. With proper amalgamation of the two above mentioned measures and proper testing, analyzing and optimization on a whole can lead you to increased sales of the products and services.

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